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Current timelines: Tomahawks & Viking axes currently take 4-6 weeks to make and ship out. Langet axes & fokos walking sticks take 6-8 weeks. Leather goods require 1-2 weeks. Knives require 2-4 weeks.

Hand forged tomahawk-head fokos/valaska shepherd axe walking sticks

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tomahawk head fokos walking sticks  tomahawk head fokos walking sticks

Our unique, custom-made walking sticks feature a hand-forged tomahawk head. Often called Fokos, Valaska, Ciupaga, or Shepherd's Axe, this tool was traditionally used by people in Hungary and areas of Eastern Europe. Each walking stick features a solid 4140 steel, hand-forged tomahawk head custom made by blacksmith Brian Otto here in northern Michigan. After being hand forged, the tomahawk head is hardened and tempered using a 5 hour process. While time consuming, this process is used because it relieves brittleness and retains more of the hardness than commonly used, faster tempering processes. Using this process produces a blade that holds an edge well. All of our walking sticks/fokos/valaskas feature langets. The langets are riveted to the handle and extend all the way up through the head - secured with nuts on top. This strengthens the connection of the steel head and wooden handle. The langets also add to the appearance and balance of the walking stick. Although the langets are labor intensive, they greatly increase the quality and durability of the axe. Each fokos handle is designed and hand-crafted specifically for its head to enhance its beauty and balance. We offer a variety of wood options subject to availability. Each handle is stained and waxed for appearance and durability. The steel reinforced point on the bottom of the walking stick serves to improve traction - whether it be in dirt, sand, or on slick surfaces. The point and its hardware were designed by blacksmith Brian Otto. He hand makes each one himself. The bottom tip extends up through the wood handle for added strength and security. While the superior craftsmanship of each Fokos makes it beautiful enough to display, you will want to carry it with you on all your outdoor excursions. Words cannot explain how awesome this tool feels in your hand. The balance, size, shape, beauty - it all comes together.

Photos of fokos hardware construction

Fokos walking stick bottom tip hardware construction Fokos walking stick bottom tip hardware construction Fokos walking stick bottom tip hardware construction

Langet and head construction Langet and head construction Langet and head construction

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