Customer comments

B.D.M. – Professional Firefighter, Rocky Mountains, Colorado USA

Brian and Tena Otto have outdone themselves again with my newest shepherd’s axe. If you are considering buying a hardworking tool that you can be sure is of the artisanal quality to become a family heirloom, you have come to the right place. I have several of their tools and can wholeheartedly recommend anything that Brian chooses to make. His attention to detail and dedication to his craft are second to none. You will be hard pressed to find a more talented blacksmith working in America today. It is rare to see leatherwork that is well made and sturdy enough to ensure it’s longevity matches the tool it protects. Tena’s hand tooled leather perfectly compliments her husband’s work in form and function. Her belt sheathes are unmatched, you will not find one better. Your design or theirs, custom axes, hatchets, tomahawks, valaska or fokos done right. You will be thrilled, as will your heirs.

Bruce J. from Maryland

Thank you for the excellent axe. ... a VERY fair price for this level of craftsmanship. The walking stick feels great in the hand, the short-bearded axe is well balanced, the hardware is top-shelf and the 'minimalist' sheath is perfect for the forged blade. Honestly, I can't say that I've seen anything approaching this quality on the market. ... thank you again for sharing your craft and this heirloom-quality walking stick. It's nice to find good honest folks on line, and likewise, it's nice to find a tool of this quality... I'll try to figure out why I need a second one of these...

Christian B. from California

I purchased an axe from you a while back from your ebay store... I believe it was early last year. As I have a few axes and tomahawks the one I got from you ended up getting set in the closet and admired with no use, that was up until two weeks ago. I just bought my first home and it needed some heavy yard work done, so I got my axe out of the closet and gave it a whirl for the first time. I was so unbelievably surprised at how fantastic the axe performed! I knew it was a quality tool, but I was blown away at how well it did. The edge is incredibly sharp, the handle is extremely tough, the edge retention is fantastic, and the edge bevel is just about as perfect as I could want in an axe... in fact much better than a lot of axes I have used. I am so pleased with my axe I had to send you this email and say thank you for the high quality tools your produce. It is now by far my favorite axe that I own, I have been using the heck out of it the past two weeks.

L.G. from Highlands, NC:

wow! that is an awesome looking axe--I mean it---I've pretty much surveyed the web and that is one great looking axe--better than 99% of what's out there... I've carried an H & B Forge Senaca for 25 years and this axe is something I've looked for for a long time... the hawk arrived today...it is awesome...the pix don't do it justice...I love it...very high quality product and very good service...thanks to ya'll...

D.K. from TN:

unbelievable craftsmanship, true artistry, a real honor to own this!

Customer from OK:

This (tomahawk) is a true work of art! Photos cannot capture the quality felt when you hold it in your hands.

Customer from Ohio:

Very well made tomahawk, good balance. Highly recommended!

Repeat customer from Hawaii:

It's AWESOME and I love it and the craftsmanship. It is great doing business with both of you. The outstanding workmanship in all your products is highly prized by me and all who has been lucky enough to see your work.

Other customer comments:

It (fokos walking stick) arrived today. It is awesome! The workmanship on the fokos and the leather work are impeccable.

... the sheath that you made for me. It fit perfectly! I love it and the knife looks really good in it.

I received the sheath today and I almost don’t want to use it. it looks and fits great!

I'm very impressed with your workmanship, as well as your philosophy and values.

The phone carrier is beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Thanks, for meeting my special needs, and for the quick turnaround time.

The pocket sheath is great and the hawk mask is awesome. I am really satisfied with both.

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