***We can now accept payments over the phone!***

Help me decide?

Too many choices? Need more information, help deciding, or help ordering? Want something custom or different from the listings and photos? We are happy to help! Just email, call or text us. Call us, talk to a live person, and experience real, old-fashioned, American customer service.

When will I receive my order?

Once payment has cleared: Current approximate timelines: Leather items usually ship in about 4 weeks. Triple T tomahawks usually ship in 8-12 weeks. Langet style hawks and walking sticks usually ship in 12-16 weeks. Knives require 2-4 weeks.

These times are approximate and could vary. Items are shipped either via USPS First class mail or USPS Priority mail. An order shipped to a US address should reach its destination approximately 2-5 days after shipping. International orders usually take 2-6 weeks to reach their destinations depending upon customs.

Will you ship internationally?

Yes, we will ship to countries where shipping/import laws do not prohibit it. Our website's shipping calculator does not work accurately for international shipping costs. If you would like an order shipped internationally, just email us. We will gladly send you a PayPal invoice with the correct shipping charge.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Orders placed using our automated shopping cart will accept PayPal. For USA orders only, we accept personal checks or money orders sent to us through the mail. We also accept credit and debit cards over the phone for USA orders. All international orders must be paid via Paypal invoice. If you prefer to make payments, contact us for details.

How do I order using a personal check or money order payment?

You can send a personal check or money order made payable to Brian Otto, PO Box 309, Mesick, MI 49668. Please include a list of the item(s) you are ordering including any options from the drop-down menus. The easiest way (if you have access to a printer) is to add the item(s) to your cart. Click on "Your Shopping Basket" at the top of the page. Click on the red "CheckOut" box. This will take you to the Paypal checkout page. Just print that page and send it in the envelope with your payment. Do NOT complete the checkout page - just use it to print out your order with all your options clearly listed.

Payment must clear the bank before work will start on your order. The shipping times listed above will begin the day your payment clears.

What if I want something made in a style not shown on your website or something completely custom?

We do LOTS of custom work beyond what is on our website. Just email us a photo or sketch or description of what you want and we will work with you on the details.

Why do you use 4140 steel for your tomahawks and axe heads instead of 5160 or a higher carbon steel?

We have made tomahawks in several different steels over the years. We use 4140 over 5160 because it has molybdenum. Molybdenum = strength. It is used in rifle barrels & actions and in car axles - places where strength matters. We use mid-carbon over high-carbon steel because hardness does not necessarily equal good edge retention. High-carbon steels (such as those used to make files) can snap when side pressure is applied. If left in a state of high hardness, the high-carbon steel edge will quickly fatigue and snap off at a microscopic level which leads to a dull cutting tool. To fix this, if you use a high-carbon steel to make a hawk, you must temper it at a high temperature long enough to allow it to lose some of its hardness/brittleness. In effect, you have to bring the hardness level down to that of the mid-carbon steel. Also, it is believed the high-temperature tempering can weaken the overall strength of the tool. While some blacksmiths use high-carbon steel as a "recognition" and a "selling point", if their blades are not brittle, then they have tempered the hardness down to the same range as the mid-carbon steels. Why not just start with the right carbon for the right job? Why use file steel to make a hawk? Can you use a butter knife as a screwdriver? Yes, but it will never be as good as a real screwdriver. We believe it is best to use the best possible steel for the tool - not the steel with the highest name-recognition or popularity. We believe 4140 offers the best strength and edge retention for tomahawks. It has proved itself time and time again to us, so that is what we use.

Money back guarantee?

We stand behind every item we make. We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, please contact us. If we made a mistake, we will make it right with a refund or replacement. If you wish to return your order for any other reason, we will refund your purchase price not including shipping. Highly customized items or items returned in unsellable condition may not receive a 100% refund. Contact us for details.

What do you use to keep the wood, leather, and metal looking good?

We use a variety of products, but our favorite is AxeWax. It is food safe and can be used on wood, metal, and leather. We recommend AxeWax for leather and metal on everything we sell. It is food safe. You can purchase it here.

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