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Custom Leather Tomahawk/Axe Sheaths

Would you like a custom, hand-made, affordable leather sheath for your current tomahawk or axe? We make quality custom leather sheaths. Here is how it works: You trace your axe and mail us the tracing. (See below for details.) Once we have the pattern, we can usually have a sheath done in about 3-4 weeks. The cost depends upon the size and style of the sheath. Many small, simple-style sheaths can be made for $35 and up. An exact quote will be given to you prior to work beginning on your sheath. Please compare us to our competition. Our sheaths are very reasonably priced without sacrificing quality. Also, we do not require you to ship your axe or tomahawk to us like most custom sheath-makers do.

Custom double end leather belt sheath  Custom double end leather belt sheath  Custom double end leather belt sheath  Custom double end leather belt sheath

Instructions for making a template of your tomahawk, hawk, or axe.

To make a template for me, please use heavy paper (cardstock) or light weight cardboard (like a cereal box). Place the paper or cardboard on your table or counter and lay the tomahawk/axe flat on its side on the paper. VERY CAREFULLY trace the outline with a sharp pencil or fine point pen. Be sure your outline is clearly visible. I need the entire head of the hawk/axe traced and the first 3+ inches of the handle where it attaches to the head. The sheath will not fit properly if the outline is not exact. When that outline is complete, flip the tomahawk/axe over and trace it again from the other side. This may seem redundant but the pattern has to be exact. I can use the patterns from both sides to compare and be sure the sheath will be exact. When you have that finished, turn the tomahawk upside down and put the top of the head down on the paper and the handle pointing up toward the ceiling. Carefully trace the edges of the head paying special attention to the point and sides of the blade. Please do not cut out the templates. Just trim the paper/cardboard as needed to fit it in an envelope. Please do not bend them. When the templates are complete, you can mail them to me at: Tena Otto, PO Box 309, Mesick, MI 49668

Once I receive the templates, I will look them over and give you a final, exact quote for the cost including shipping. With your approval, I then begin work. Most sheaths take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Please let me know if you prefer light brown, medium brown, dark brown, or black stain for your sheath. If it is a belt sheath, please specify on which hip you wear your sheath so I know which direction to face the blade. All belt sheaths will accommodate up to 2” belt. If you need the belt loops longer for a wider belt, I need to know that prior to starting on your sheath.

PLEASE NOTE Because I am creating your sheath without your tomahawk/axe in my hands, you will need to punch/cut the final hole for the Sam Brown button fastener to secure. Don’t panic – it is easy to do. The Sam Brown button will be secured in place, but the leather strap must be stretched over the hawk/axe head, marked, and a hole cut on that mark for a secure fit. Detailed instructions on how to cut the hole are available on our website. It is very easy to do and allows your sheath to fit like a glove without having to mail your axe/hawk to me.

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