Tips and Care

This page is a work in progress. Thank you.

At the moment everything we make (Axe, Knife) is made out of one Carbon steel or another, so proper care is important. Probably the most important thing is making sure the item stays clean and dry for prolonged periods of time. The best way we have found to do this is starting with a clean and dry item, and then coating it in either a paste wax or an oil (like a gun cleaning oil such as Ezox or Remington Gun oil). All items get coated before they go out the door, but over time they will need coating again. The amount of use the item endures will determine on how quickly oil or wax starts to wear off.

From experience, I can recommend Ezox cleaning oil, Minwax paste wax, and AxeWax, as good care items. We send samples of AxeWax with our tomahawks, axes, and fokos walking sticks. You can purchase it here.


If you have a wooden handle, then keeping a layer of wax or a coat of Boiled Linseed Oil on it is the best course of action. Same as the blade, keeping moisture off of it is the goal. Having the wax on the handle will create a barrier between the wood and the moisture. Having Linseed oil on the handle will soak into the wood and create a barrier as well, but linseed oil is messy and takes a while to dry (like a day) but it does seem to last much longer than wax.
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