Small Belt Camp Axe

Small Belt Camp Axe

Item# BeltCampAxe
Hand-made small bag/belt/camp axe

Currently, belt axes ship in approximately 1-2 months.

We make each of our small belt axes starting with 4140 steel bar stock. After material is removed via milling, grinding, and filing by hand, the axe head is properly hardened and tempered. These little axes hold an edge well and are very sharp. Each belt axe features a 4 1/4" head and a 2" cutting edge with 2 1/2" between the handle and cutting edge. At 12 oz. in weight and 12" in overall length, it is the perfect size for many tasks such as hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting, etc. Don't be fooled by its small size. This is not a cheap hatchet with a blunt, splitting-mall edge. This axe slices like a knife but swings like an axe. Once you use one of our belt axes, you will want to carry it with you on all your outdoor excursions! The beautiful hickory or ash handle was designed and hand-crafted specifically for this head to enhance its beauty and balance. The handle was stained and waxed for appearance and durability. The hand-made, quality leather belt sheath is designed and hand-crafted for each specific axe. It uniquely combines holding the belt axe securely while still allowing for easy removal when desired. The belt loops allow the sheath to be easily worn on your belt (up to 2 wide) if desired.

We use hickory and ash interchangeably for these little axes. Both woods are very durable and look very similar. Having two types of wood allows us to buy the best quality wood that is available, even during supply shortages.
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