Tomahawk options

Tomahawk options

Item# CustomTTT

Current approximate timelines: Leather items usually ship in about 4 weeks. Triple T tomahawks usually ship in 8-12 weeks. Langet style hawks and walking sticks usually ship in 12-16 weeks. Knives require 2-4 weeks.

Too many choices? Need more information? Help deciding? Help ordering? Want something custom or don't see what you want on our website? Just email, call or text us (scroll down for contact details). Enjoy real, old-fashioned, quality customer service. We are happy to help!

We are offering custom orders for our triple T (through the top handle), hand-forged tomahawks. You pick the blade style, hammer or spike style, wood, sheath style and options, etc from the drop-down menus to order a custom hawk built just for you!

Below are options for your custom, hand-forged TTT tomahawk. Please note the styles/shapes you desire. Any of these styles/shapes can be made in grayed or hot browned finish and are not dependent upon the color observed in the photos. Your hawk blade may look slightly different depending upon whether the photo shows the 3" or 4" cutting edge and which size you choose. Please make your selection on the drop-down menus above.

All Triple T style hawks are approximately 19" long and include a custom made leather sheath. Blade size may vary slightly.

We use hickory and ash interchangeably because we feel it is more important to have the best quality handle and both woods are strong and durable. Please contact us if you prefer one over the other. Thank you.

We can ship tomahawks to some international locations. Contact us to find out if we can ship one to you and to receive a shipping quote.

Blade options

Blade style A Blade Style B Blade style D Blade style E Blade style F Blade style G Blade style H Blade style J Blade style L Blade style M Blade style N Blade style P Blade style R Blade style S

Hammer/spike options

Hammer/Spike style 1 Hammer/Spike style 2 Hammer/Spike style 3 Hammer/Spike style 4 Hammer/Spike style 5 Hammer/Spike style 6 Hammer/Spike style 7 Hammer/Spike style 8 Hammer/Spike style 9 Hammer/Spike style 9S

Metal finish - gray or hot browned

Gray metal finish Hot browned metal finish

Optional hand-made, steel end-cap.
The end-cap helps prevent your hand from slipping off the handle, and it acts as a counterweight on your hawk. The tapered end-cap has a sleeker appearance but the standard end-cap does a better job of keeping your hand from slipping off the handle.

Standard end-cap

hand-made standard steel end-cap hand-made standard steel end-cap hand-made standard steel end-cap

Tapered end-cap

hand-made tapered steel end-cap hand-made tapered steel end-cap

Standard leather sheath

Standard leather sheath Standard leather sheath Standard leather sheath

Optional leather belt sheath

Leather belt sheath Leather belt sheath Leather belt sheath

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